10 Tips for an Awesome Service

here are 10 Tips to make sure you get the best service possible every time. Whether you are new to visiting an escort or brothel or you’re a weekly regular, these tips will help you ensure an awesome service.

1. Hygiene – WHY? . Body odour and Bad Breath are probably the main reasons why working girls feel like they can’t provide a good service or perform to a standard that they were happy with.

Most Girls will want you to have a shower before the service . Even if you had one at home before you left. Its just polite and expected that you should have a shower. – If you are only booking a short time, and you are concerned about the time restrictions, it may be worth asking for the time to start 5mins after you get in the shower or that she allows 5mins for a shower not included in the service time . This way she is able to allocate and manage her time in between bookings, you don’t feel rushed, and you have enough time to have a decent wash, All Girls operate differently so its a good idea to ask about this.

This is possibly the single most important tip. A lot of these tips are centred around hygiene.

If you need to use the toilet, do this before your shower, so that your private bits are clean and fresh. Wash your hands last of all and avoid touching your penis/private bits until the condom is on.

After your shower, If your body odour is still offensive or you are obviously still unclean, you may be asked to have another shower.

Sometimes people become accustomed to the way they smell, and may not realise that their body odour is offensive or If you know you have bad body odour (this is more likely in men with thick dense body hair) or you have just finished work, been to the gym, its a hot day etc, you may need to spend more time in the shower making sure you are fresh, – REALLY pay attention to cleaning your UNDER ARMS and GROIN (front and back) wth soap (If there is no soap or not enough – ask for more) .

If you find that the towel you are using to dry yourself AFTER a shower is getting big dirty marks on it – this means that you probably didn’t spend enough time in the shower or you didn’t use soap. – At this point get back in the shower and clean yourself properly with soap.

FACT: 30,000-40,000 skin cells are shed every minute and adults can perspire up to 1 or 2 Litres of sweat every hour, so even if it takes 5/10mins to get from where you are to the front door of her place – you have shed some 150,000-400,000 skin cells and up to approximately 50-100ml of sweat, and lets not even discuss the sticky secretions that occur during periods of heightened arousal.

2. Minty Fresh Breath – WHY? If your breath is unpleasant, she is not likely going to be happy or comfortable when looking into your eyes, or being close to you in particular positions.

Even if lip/passionate kissing is not on your to do list, your face is likely to be close enough to your lady’s face at some point. If you like to kiss or lick breasts and other parts of her body, she likely be so turned off by the idea of stale smelly breath and saliva being left on her – at best she’ll turn away, hold her own breath, or screw her face up in disgust, at worst she’ll restrict all kissing and licking until your breath is minty fresh.

Oh and if you are chewing gum and need somewhere to put it – my guess is that she will have a bin and some tissues somewhere, if you can’t find where to put your unwanted gum, ask – Throwing it out the window or on the floor is NOT a good idea.

3. Smooth Facial Hair – WHY? We don’t like stubble rash on our face, boobs or in between our legs.

Shave your face before you go to see a lady so that she will be comfortable when you rub your face up against her boobs or other body parts. If you like to kiss passionately (and especially if you are paying for this as an extra) I highly recommend you shave your face before your service -. At best she will try to avoid kissing you after it starts to cause her discomfort, at worst she may no longer allow kissing & not offer a refund for the extra unless your face is clean shaven and will not hurt or irritate her skin.

– BUT be careful of shaving cuts as these may provide a direct path for blood born virus contact, you could bring a razor to use prior to your service, but if you do cut yourself shaving she may need to avoid contact with the affected area or you could cover it with a bandaid

4. Short, Smooth, Clean Nails – WHY? – If your nails are long, jagged and dirty, there is no way that she will be getting horny about you touching her body, especially not in between her legs.

In fact, sharp nails can often hurt or cause tears and scratches on her delicate private bits, which is painful and increases the risk of blood born virus transmission (STI’s/STD’s).

If the nature of your work results in your hands being permanently dirty looking, it may only be comfortable and suitable for you to offer to wear gloves on the hand that you want to use to touch her, or just avoid touching her down there, especially on the inside… Some girls can be extremely sensitive to foreign bacteria being introduced to her precious spot, and well – that is just not pleasant for all involved. Wash your hands with soap – ask for a nail scrub brush if you need it, or bring your own toiletries to use at your preservice shower.

5. Clean Hair/Long hair tied back (including beards) -dirty hair smells bad, Wet dirty hair smells really bad. Long, wet and/or dirty hair falling on your lady’s face/body will make her uncomfortable and disgusted.

Not the best impression when you are wanting someone to get close to you and make you feel special and good. You are about to spend some time laying down: wet hair will soak through a few layers of sheets, making the bed wet for quite some time, dirty greasy or wet hair can leave an oily stain on sheets

If it has been 2-3 days since you last washed your hair – its probably time to wash it.

If your hair is dirty & Greasy – ask for some shampoo and conditioner,

If you wet your hair during your pre service shower, DRY IT after your shower – ask for a hair dryer if you need it.

6. Wipe your bottom/Check your bottom is clean – This might seem like a no brainer, but if you are a hairy man, especially in between your legs, if you don’t wipe your bottom after a number 2 until the paper is completely clean you may be the cause of a literally shitty service.

Especially if you have bowel issues, are really hairy there, or are a larger man who has difficulty reaching certain areas, you need to make sure there are no unwanted bits left stuck to your bottom or the hair in that area. You would be best placed to discreetly ask for help in the shower if you need it.

Any bits left will end up on the usually bright white sheets that your lady is likely to be be using. Not only would this be embarrassing for you, but it would be extremely unpleasant for your lady to continue with a service when there are unpleasant smells close to her face, or vagina, not to mention how this situation can compromise her health and the health of future clients, and other persons who visit or live with her. (A gastro virus is not pleasant at

Best case, she sends you for a shower to clean up, changes the sheets, and you lose a bit of time, she tries to make you feel as comfortable as possible – but the reduced time and embarrassment makes it hard to um …get hard.

Worst case, she’s so upset, she ceases the service without a refund. demands an extra cleaning fee, You leave unsatisfied, sexually frustrated and very embarrassed

Keep some wet wipes handy so you can clean your bits after a number two.

7. Forcing or Persisting with asking to do things that are not offered or are extra.

WHY? All girls have rules and boundaries, things that are happy to do, things they are happy to do but for a higher rate, and things that just do not want to or do not need to do.

When you keep asking, or start doing things we have told you no to, there is a very blurry line that feels like sexual assault for some girls, while others just become so annoyed that they really don’t care how the service turns out, and just wont see you again, while others are more patient and some may “get upset with you” and “tell you off”, and even if she continues to provide the same level of service as before (that is before she roused at you) when your not expecting this, it can very much impact on your ability to get/stay hard and enjoy your time. – This is not her fault, this is 100% your fault.

If a girl says no the only suitable response is “Ok, I won’t do that/I won’t try that again”

If a girls tells you that a particular service is extra, the only suitable responses are: Ok, I will have to bring more money next time, or Ok, Here is the extra money.

Best case scenario she will suggest that you follow the rules and continue to enjoy the service you have paid for/ the service as described etc, and remind you that she is free to stop the service at anytime if she feels unsafe or if you do not follow her rules.

Worst case, she will stop the service and ask you to leave without a refund.

*In Queensland it is illegal for working girls to have another person present on site, unless that person has a security guard or crowd controllers license. It is not however, illegal for a working girl to have one or two trained guard dogs present on site while working. As a client its always best to be of good behaviour and follow the rules as you may possibly underestimate the security measures your lady has in place to protect herself and her assets.

8 – Asking for discounts WHY? If the girl is not happy with the rate, you will NEVER be happy with the service.

Don’t ask for a discount, ask if you can negotiate the rate and service – when you negotiate it means that both parties are happy with mutually agreeable conditions. Both parties usually offer something, and both parties usually give up something.

Just because you want or need something but can’t afford it, DOES NOT mean that you should not have to pay for it. – There is a reason that some people drive a Toyota, and others Drive an Audi… There is a reason why some people choose the ultimate package and other choose the basic package – it may come down to preference, or need in the first instance, but at the end of day if you can’t afford it, then you have to negotiate (If you really want to drive an Audi but can only afford a Toyota, maybe you need to consider an older Audi, and if you simply can’t afford the ultimate package, then you may just have to learn to enjoy the basic package or go without until you can afford what you want.

9 – Be on time – WHY? Because she runs a business, and you are not the only client she is likely to be seeing that day.

When you are late, or just turn up without any notice, you may not be able to stay for the full length of time that you intended to. Or she may not be able to see you at all because she has other clients who have already booked that time.

When you don’t turn up, not only does she miss out on making money for that booking, but other clients who may have wanted to come at that time also miss out.

And when other clients are late, they may impact on your booking time starting at the expected time too.

If you continue to make bookings and cancel or not turn up, some girls explain that they:

may choose to submit your details to an “Ugly Mugs/Nuisance Client Database”,
she may double book future bookings giving priority to the other client (meaning you may have to wait to see her despite having a booking)

she may cancel your booking when you turn up.

She may block your calls/messages

She may not accept future bookings from that email/phone number.

10. Being Rough/Heavy handed/slapping/biting. WHY? Because most times, your not paying enough to be rough… For example its very presumptive to assume its ok to slap a lady’s backside, she may just as well presume you would like to be kicked in the nuts or slapped on the face.

Some girls say it amazes them when guys will ask if its ok to touch your pussy but then go ahead and slap your ass, or keep doing something thats annoying or uncomfortable cuz they cant help it and get carried away. One girl said in response, “Sweetie, you better control yourself because you don’t want me to end up all excited and get carried away on your ass…”.

Any way the point is, be gentle, be nice, be respectful and you will more likely get the service you are looking for. If you want to be a little rough, controlling, etc, there are girls out there that cater for that. You need to let the girl you are looking for know that is what you are after, so you are paying for what you want, and you can be sure to get a great service..

Like I said in a previous post “its always best to be of good behaviour and follow the rules as you may possibly underestimate the security measures your lady has in place to protect herself and her assets.”

Natalie Moore is an Australian escort, Touring Brisbane, Sunshine Coast & Gold Coast plus other Australian States later in 2018.