Finding & Booking an Escort


Finding & Booking an Escort

So you want to book an Escort.  Maybe this is your first time looking for escort services, or your friends have suggested its time you treat yourself with some love and affection.  With so many girls available,  glamorous photoshopped pictures, arousing autobiographies and profiles that make you hard from the get-go, how can you be sure that the girl you book is the girl you will meet? Here are some great tips to follow so that you can find a book an escort with no surprises.

  • Working girls often have private lives that they don’t want to coincide with their escorting lives so it’s not unusual or suspicious if she does not show her face.  Professional or glamour photos look great, they are designed to make you look your absolute best.  It’s important to realise that professional or highly photoshopped photos may not clearly represent how the girl may look when you turn up.  It’s also not uncommon for girls to use a likeness photo, but they should disclose this when publishing adverts (Escorts and Babes have an option to disclose this). The likeness may not realistically represent the girl you are wanting to book so just be cautious.  Some escort profile based websites like scarlet blue, escorts and babes and available angels will verify the girl’s photos so you can be sure that the photos on her profile are of her.   Whether they are recent or not, is another thing.  If she has a selfie gallery, a historical gallery with dates or images on social media,  you can be surer that her professional/glamour photos are realistic.

Only professional/glamour photos
No selfies
All photos are black and white 
Heavily photoshopped Images 
Dark or blurry images. 

HOW NATALIE DOES IT – I have a shared google photo album and I often upload my new photos here. The date taken is stored in the photo’s metadata and viewers can check this.  I also sort the albums on my website by month/year, so you can see how I look now and historically.  I include a lot of selfies and keep my Twitter and Instagram accounts updated at least once a month. I mostly use selfies as I feel these more clearly represent me on a day to day basis, and give you a better idea of what I will look like when I meet you at the door


It’s a good idea to see if the girl you want to see has any profiles on the popular/reputable escort websites.   These sites cost money to advertise on and generally take a bit of time to set up and keep updated.

When checking profiles across platforms, check the name, photos, rates and services offered and age are the same or similar (age should at least only be out by a year or two  – some sites require a specific age, while others want a date of birth, so it perfectly normal for the age to be out by a year).  Also check that the bio represents the type of girl you are seeking, someone who puts time and effort into having a detailed biography and a well put together profile is more likely to be professional and provide a better service.  Where an escort has profiles on multiple sites check that the biographies are at least similar in nature.  You may find yourself with an incompatible escort if one site has the same girl described as a young pocket rocket porn star, while another has the same girl described as a mature down to earth affectionate lover.

It’s not uncommon for girls to have one phone number for her base location and another phone number for touring.  If she has multiple different phone numbers and email addresses across various sites, it could be that she is operating with other girls as an illegal brothel or is using a number of fake profiles.

Availability often changes on a daily basis for most girls, Just because she is available 24/7 or 12-16hours every day, does not mean she is working non-stop for that whole time.  Think of available hours as on-call hours.   It is more than likely that girls who are available 24/7 may not actually be reachable on some days.  Its a really good idea to always add a note to your message that you don’t want to be contacted after a certain time if you don’t want to receive a reply in the following day or so when she is back on shift.

Popular and Reputable Escort Advertising Sites

Unverified Photos/Profiles
Multiple profiles with mismatching details
Frequent changes/Multiple Names
Multiple numbers/Multiple Email addresses
Only using free advertising sites/profiles.
Profile last updated/last logged in more than 4-6weeks

HOW NATALIE DOES IT I have a profile at least 3-4 of the main escort sites listed above. I use the same name, phone number,  email address, social media accounts and website across all of them.  I have a different number for touring away from Brisbane.  My photos are generally selfies and updated at least every 4-6 weeks or as frequently as the site allows.  My bio/about text is similar or the same across all my profiles and I also try to update this every 3-6months to refresh my profile and include any new services, interests and to remove any outdated info.   I regularly update my availability and touring information on all of my profiles and make sure that my website reflects the same information available on my profile.   Most of my profiles and photos have been verified by the site’s administrator where this is an option for my advertising subscription.

Name & Contact Details

I have already mentioned this in the profile section but it deserves a category of its own.  Escorts may use different phone numbers for different states or touring locations in order to manage calls and bookings easier, but using multiple different numbers within the same location, and frequent number/email and name changes usually mean she is having to reinvent herself for a reason.

A google search of her phone number should bring up recent profiles, ads, posts and websites that the girl has published information on and it may also reveal recent and past reviews.

Escorts who only communicate by text or email may either have another person managing their communication, may not be fluent in English or may just prefer to communicate this way.  Others who offer multiple communication methods (phone, text, email, kik, messenger), and who are are reliable and timely with replies are more likely to be legitimate and professional with how they provide services.

Just bear in mind it is not uncommon for escorts to receive literally 100’s of SMS, Calls, emails daily, not to mention managing social media and profiles too – it can be very difficult to keep up with replies at times.

Frequently phone number/email changes
Multiple phone numbers in the same location

Frequent name changes
Refusal to speak over the phone
Limited results for a google search of a phone number

HOW NATALIE DOES IT – I offer a wide range of contact options.  I personally reply to all contacts and will speak with you on the phone if desired.  I answer private numbers.  You can email, text me or contact me via kik, whats ap and many other contact methods.  I will be updating the web chat service on my website soon also.  My number has been the same for over 3years and I have been known as Natalie since I started working in 2014.  I offer a quick facetime or skype video call so that you can verify my photos are real, in addition to my verified profiles, social media, and historical photo albums


When an escort creates and maintains a website dedicated to her business, she is likely to be legitimate and a good operator.  If she regularly maintains and updates her blog, photos and interacts with her clients on social media, it’s a good sign that she will be reliable, credible and should meet your expectations.

Laws in various states prevent escorts from advertising in certain ways, so it may not be uncommon for escorts to only publish fully clothed photos, or omit detailed service information on publically accessible parts of her website.   More girls are offering free and paid subscriptions to their website in order to provide current and potential clients with service information and special offers while still ensuring they are operating legally.

Too many affiliate links/advertising 
Only paid subscriptions  or No Free Trial Memberships
Out of date/Broken Links
Latest Blog Posts more than 3-6months old.


HOW NATALIE DOES IT? – Well you are currently on my website, and should be able to get an idea of how I operate based on the content you can see. I maintain and update it frequently with blog articles, news, specials and photos. The information on my website is similar to the various profiles and ads I have up on other escort websites.

Social Media

Social Media is an important marketing tool for businesses that rely on the internet for traffic and exposure.  By reading over the escorts recent and historical posts you can start to get a good idea of how she interacts and operates. Consider things like,  is she  positive upbeat and polite to her followers, does she ignore or get involved with trolls or bullying, does she vent and complain frequently, is her sense of humor, morals and level of intelligence compatible with you.

Being an adult services provider, and the nature of the content posted can lead to violating the social media platforms terms of use.  Facebook have strict policies regarding the use of psudonames and the liklihood of attractive a high volume of friend requests in a short period of time can lead to accounts being shut down within a few hours or days of opening an account.  this can also happen even if you create a “facebook page” rather than a “facebook account”.  Insagram has strict rules about nudity and suggestive images, so escorts that operate an instagram account will often only be able to post clothed and bikini type images.   Its not uncommon for Escorts to avoid facebook and instagram, but Twitter on the other hand is more liberal and many escorts should have a twitter account for promotion and social interaction.

No Social media

Inactive accounts
Infrequent posts

HOW NATALIE DOES IT?  – I primarily use twitter, and instagram.  I also have a google+ account.  Facebook has shut down about 4-6 accounts and pages I have tried to set up over the years so I don’t bother with facebook anymore.  You can check out my contacts page for other social media and messaging platforms that I am subscribed to. 

Advertisements, Specials, and Discounts

An Escort that advertises across multiple paid sites is probably more likely to be real than those who only use free platforms.  Advertising can cost anywhere between $5-10 a day and up to and over $500 a week.  The more paid profiles and ads the escort has, the more likely she is to be legitimate. Sometimes escorts will offer discounts, special rates or packages.  Depending on how this is presented will often show the level of professionalism and reliabiliy for that escort.  Specials and discounts should offer an incentive for either staying longer or spending more money.  Huge discounts, continuous “special rates”, unclear and confusing terms for specials are not a good sign.  Escorts that offer “unbeleivably good deals” may be doing so for a few reasons. Thier ads may be fake and don’t represent the escort who you will meet, they may have habits to support, or are having trouble booking clients due to poor reviews and providing substandard accommodation or services.  Escorts that specifically advertise illegal or unsafe services should be avoided, as law enforcement may also post similar ads to entrap unwitting punters.

Only free ads
No profiles on reputable sites
Huge discounts that are too good to be true
Offering unsafe/unprotected services.

HOW NATALIE DOES IT – I generally use only paid escort profile sites and classifieds such as locanto.  I keep my ads and profiles up to date with consistent rates and specials, providing a link back to my website with more details.  When I offer specials or packages, they are driven by incentive, so clients who spend more with me, will receive special privillages. SPecialls are usually only for a limited time, and are offered for a few weeks or months at a time. Terms and Conditions are clearly explained so clients know exactly what they are getting and don’t have to worry about feeling scammed or not getting what they are expecting. 

Rates & Service Inclusions. 

Be realistic and do your research.  If the escorts advertised rates looks too good to be true, they  probably are. One good rule to live by is that  “If the escort is not happy with the rate there is no way you will ever be happy with the service”.  Sometimes its just best to find that extra $20 or $50 or accept that the service won’t include kissing or mutual oral or a second round.  Low rates and ‘fully inclussive” services may be indicitive of a fake or unrealistic advertisment and you may find yourself meeting a completely different escort than you had anticipated and your expectations with regards to you level of comfort, heigine and cleanliness may not be met.   Compare rates and services offered by other similar looking escorts.  Its not uncommon for rates to differ and for extra fees to be charged for special services (like kissing, anal sex, playing with toys or and fetishes).  The mood of the service can be ruined when expectations are unclear, being told “no you can’t do that” or “that is extra” can be a killer and you don’t want to be stoping to grab your wallet every few minutes.  High rates can also be a problem for some punters as a quality service from a reputable escort is not garuenteed just because the rates are high.   You should clearly understand what the rate is, what is included, what is extra and what is not offered.  If it is not clear, ask.  If the escort does’t or wont provide this information you should go elsewhere.  Ask if she has a package or a maximum rate if you think all your extras might add up to too much.

 As a consumer you are protected by the same laws as if you were seeking any other service.  Although there are laws relating to the content of escort advertisments such as certain terms not being allowed (massage, barely legal) and specific service inclusions not being listed, An escort is still able to provide this information to you directly upon it being requested.  At the very least, before you hand over the money confirm the inclusions, exclusions and extras, and don’t hand over your money if you are not going to be satisfied with the service.

Unbeleivably low rates
Fully inclussive services with low rates
Rates are significantly higher/lower than similar escorts
No service inclussions/exclussions discolsed. 
Everything is extra

HOW NATALIE DOES IT? – My rates are comparable with ‘industry standards”.    Many similar looking/age/australian escorts and also brothels charge close to or the same as what I charge.  All my services and rates are explained in detail with inclussions explicitly listed.  I encourage clients to ask about inclussions, exclussions and extras so expectations are clear.  My 30m, 45m and 60m services are capped at my PSE Rate with only highly specifiic special services that have not been listed possibly being extra.  I tend to package up my extras rather than charging a single extra fee for a single extra act/service – so an extra $50 is charged for toy play and squirting in a 30min service. (it’s $50 for toy play, a toy show and squirting is included as well but no reduction is offered if squirting is not required, and likewise, no further fee is required if toy play is requested and then squirting is requested).  

Escort Reviews and Forums

Not every escort will have reviews, but for escorts that do, they are best interpreted as a collective rather than on an individual basis.  Escorts may have different/multiple names and reviews for one Natalie may be entered against another Natalie and not be for the escort you are planning on seeing.   Positive reviews can really help you make your decision and give you a punters perspective of what the service may be like.  But before you take the reviews, comments and replies for what they may be worth, check the details and posting status of those user .  You can usually see how many posts each user has made and when they were posted. Personally I would ignore reviews that are over a year old and I’d disregard or give limited weight to reviews by posters who have only made one or two other comments or posts on that particular forum.  (It’s easy to create a new account every so often and make positive comments about yourself and negative comments about your competitors).   If you come across a negative review as the escort about it and get her feedback.  If she hapilly discussed critisim in a polite and receptive manner, its actually a pretty good sign that either the review may not be entirely accurate, it was just a bad match with that particular punter, or that she is happy to accept the feedback and make changes to improve her service, with you benefiting from the improvement.

For every good review, the escort has potentially seen over 100 if not 1000 clients who don’t bother, so its difficult to set your expectations based on reviews alone.   Escorts, just like anyone else, will have good days and bad days at work.  Reviews are great for both consumers and escorts, escorts should remember that any client can leave a positive or negative review and should always provide the best service posible or take the day off!   Clients can use the reviews to avoid negative experiences and get a better picture of the experience they can expect.

TIP – Clients can let an escort know that they would like to leave a reviews for the escorts after seeing them.  They can ask where the escort would like this review left, or leave the review on their favourite punter/escort forum.  This may be one of the most simple ways to improve the chances of receiveing a good service – even if you don’t plan on making a review.

Only positive reviews
Only negative reviews
No neutral reviews/comments/replies
Reviewers with low post counts
Not willing to discuss negative reviews
Escorts who respond inappropriatly to negative reviews/comments online. 

HOW NATALIE DOES IT I don’t have many reviews available on the internet. I welcome clients who I have seen to leave them for me either on puners planet, scarlet blue, twitter (using #nmxreview @nmxnataliemoore), and any other escort website.  I am more than happy to discuss any concerns or feedback clients have or have read, and appreciate the oppourtinity to improve my services and how I operate my business.   I capture positive and constructive feedback via text messages and publish these on my website without any identifying information.   I am currently working on a new review page where members of my website can leave comments on my content and review my services. 

Unsafe and illegal Services

Escorts that provide illegal and/or unsafe services put my potential clients and me at risk.  When escorts offer these types of services it may be because:

– they may already be infected with an incurable STI so they don’t care if their client is also infected,
– they are unaware it is illegal to offer or provide theses types of services
– they many not know STI’s, HIV and Aids can be transmissible through vaginal, anal and oral sex.
– they are desperate for money to pay for expensive drug or gambling habits,
– they may be from another country where sexual health education is not provided or available to them
– they may be a victim of human sex trafficking and being forced to provide unsafe services

No sex worker who has chosen sex work as their occupation, or who is educated, confident and free of addiction and avoids risky behaviour needs to offer illegal and/or unsafe services in order to make money.

Asking for natural or unprotected services is illegal in Queensland and also in some other Australian states. Queensland police are legally able to entrap unwitting punters by posing as escorts offering illegal services.  You don’t even need to actually have unprotected sex to be charged – It is illegal to request, offer and engage in unprotected services.  When you commit a “criminal prostitution offence”  your ability to gain employment in some industries, apply for business or professional licenses, immigration and travel overseas can be affected.  Its also important to know that some “prostitution offences” can have an impact on family court matters.

Advertisements for natural/unprotected services. 

HOW NATALIE DOES IT? – I do not offer natural, unprotected or illegal sexual escort services for any reason or with any client.  Please dont ask – the answer will always be “absolutly not”.

This article was originally published January 10, 2018 and was updated July 28, 2018