How do you measure up?

How do you measure up?


How do you measure up?

I am asked so many times by clients if they are big? Yes, that is right I am talking about penis size.

One thing I have learned during my time as a sex worker is that there really truly is no “normal” or “average” when it comes to size. Penis’s come in all different sizes, shapes, colours, and configurations. There’s the long shaft with a mushroom knob, the pole, the cone, the very small and pokey to the very large and floppy.

I really can’t tell by looking at a man, checking his shoe size, his nose, his hands, his height or even his race, if he will have a large penis or not. So how can you tell if you measure up?

Well, I have found this awesome app called The “PREDICKTOR – You can calculate how YOU measure up. The-Predicktor-App-available-on-google-play-store

▶ Calculate how many men in the world you are then.
▶ Get a reassuring answer to the burning question “am I normal”?
Calculate. Compare. Relax.

The app uses a bunch of “scientific data” and statistics such as height butt size, ring and index finger length, sexual orientation, whether or not your a porn star to predict the average size of your penis, and presents comparisons with other guys in various demographics.

I really don’t think that size is a major factor in a guys ability to pleasure a woman or for it to be a critical concern in a life partner. I often wonder if a very large penis is more of a curse than a blessing. Many guys greater than 7/7.5inches find it hard to maintain an erection especially if they have been drinking, are stressed or tired.  A large Penis often doesn’t get fully hard, seeming to take longer to reach orgasm (more time = more expense), and often goes up and down which can be annoying and be embarrassing for the guy. Condoms can often roll up or break if the correct size is not chosen.

As a woman, a large penis can often cause discomfort and pain during intercourse – especially during different times of our womanly cycle when our cervix changes from soft and high to firm and low, and performing oral sex is much more cumbersome than on a man who has a more average to a smaller size.

Personally, size doesn’t really matter to me, as long as everyone is enjoying themselves, having fun and being safe.

AVAILABLE ONLY ON GOOGLE PLAY STORE (apparently a little to X rated for IOS)