SQUIRTING & ORGASMS – Interview: Can you really squirt?


Interview – Can you really squirt Natalie?

I get asked many questions about squirting and I wanted to answer the most popular ones for you all in one place.   These Q&A’s will also be added to my FAQ’s and will remain in my blog series “Squirting and Orgasms”.  I hope you enjoy.   Comments have been turned on for this post.  I would love to answer any more questions you might have about squirting.  You can ask through the comments or via my contact page.

What is Squirting/Female Ejaculation

You may have seen it in porn, or been lucky enough to have a female partner to share the experience of “female ejaculation”, but when it is not expected or anticipated and it happens for the first time,  it may leave you wondering what was that?

In simple terms, a woman leaks or squirts a clear to milky white liquid from her vagina during intercourse/stimulation and sometimes at the point of climax.  When a certain spot deep inside the vagina is stimulated,  fluid from the aroused glands builds up.  With the assistance of vaginal and pelvic floor muscles, the accumulated liquid can be dispelled in a squirt or gush either on demand or during a climax.

Is it pee, how do you know?  

No, it is not urine.   My pee is yellow and smells like um… pee.  The liquid I squirt is often clear to milky white in colour with a faint “sex smell”.  Also, I empty my bladder immediately before a service that includes squirting,  just to avoid any extra unwanted liquid from intruding in the playtime.

There is still a strong debate in the scientific community regarding what female ejaculation liquid is, whether it is urine, whether it contains urine and also where it comes from.

If Squirting doesn’t completely do it for you, Golden Showers can be requested.

When did you first work out you could do it?

I was about 19 and my boyfriend and I found a documentary porno movie called “squirt 101” on a hard drive that was being passed around  at his work.  I am still to this day unable to find a copy of it.   The guy on the movie was 100% convinced he could make any woman squirt and that any woman could squirt given the right technique and with some “participation”.   So sure enough, we got on with trying it.  About 2hours and a bottle of lube later,  we were about to give up when he suggested we use my vibrator,  his arms were probably getting a bit fatigued by this point.  It only took about 10mins of trying with the toy before it happened a little bit, then it happened a bit more, and finally the gush and waterfall we were trying for.  Once I knew where the spot was, I could direct his hand and fingers to the right place..  It does require just the right amount of pressure and pulsation and rhythm,  and whatever you are using to provide the stimulation, whether it be fingers, penis or a sex toy, it needs to be able to reach the right place.

Do you squirt during sex?

There have been times I have squirted during intercourse.  It doesn’t happen often but it is possible.  Most importantly the penis must be able to reach and stimulate the right spot.  Too long, or a bend in the wrong direction, it will miss it; too short, it won’t reach; Not hard enough, it won’t provide enough pressure or stimulation; and then you need to get the timing and rhythm right too.   So get all that right and then the only last thing is to be able to maintain your position inside for the time needed to stimulate the right spot and also while the squirting is happening.   It can be a challenge staying there during the force of the gush.

Clients are welcome to try to get it happening during sex in a service that includes squirting,  but because of the many factors that need to come together in order to squirt during intercourse, it is not possible to offer “squirting during sex” as an available optional extra.

Can you squirt while receiving oral sex

I have heard from other females who squirt,  that clitoral stimulation alone can result in squirting, but this is not true for me. My clitoris could be stimulated until it falls off and I would not be any closer to squirting out a thing.  Based on the position of the glands and ducts on the female prostate organ, the stimulation needed to invoke squirting has to occur in the right spot.  The right spot is unique to the structure and type of female prostate gland. (read more about the different types here) If the glands are located near to the clitoris or towards the opening of the vagina and are stimulated at the same time, I guess it would be possible for some woman.  If the spot is not stimulated during oral sex, then no squirting will occur.

It would also likely happen if both the squirting spot and the clitoris were stimulated simultaneously during oral sex, but again the right technique and combination of pressure, stimulation, timing and rhythm all need to come together in order to work.

How do you make it happen?

Usually, I’m laying down on my back, but other positions are possible. I use a vibrator or dildo (sex toy) to stimulate the area using a firm and gentle pulsating motion, in a rhythmic momentum that causes the liquid to build up as my body gets ready to expel and gush the squirting substance.  You can hear it getting wet and increasing in quantity.  When I  think there is enough, or when I can’t take it any longer, its probably a combination of my pelvic floor muscles and my abs that pushes the liquid out.   If the toy is still there when it comes out it tends to squirt more, similar to how when you block the end of a hose the water squirts out harder through the smaller opening,   There needs to be a degree of precision pressure and rhythm as well as hitting the right spot.

I want to make you squirt. Can you show me/Teach Me?

If you have requested squirting in your service, and you would like to allocate time to learn how to make me squirt, I would love to show you.  Because of all the variables explained already, I can’t guarantee that you will be able to do it,  at least not in a short period of time.   Some clients have taken a few minutes to the hang of it, while others have taken a few hours or a few bookings or not been able to do it at all.  You have the option of trying with a vibrator or your hands/fingers, although I must stress that gloves must be worn.  In fact, I highly recommend using latex gloves, even if you are trying with your partner at home.  Lube is often absorbed through your skin, especially if your skin is dry.  When you use gloves, not only is it far more hygienic and prevents micro-scratches from fingernails, but it also helps keeps the vagina moist and prevents the lube from drying out.  This, in turn, will extend the amount of time you can comfortably continue to try.

A few extras things to be aware of, if using a toy for the stimulation part, it can be done too heavy-handed or rough, and this will hurt and be uncomfortable for me and I may not be able to continue.  Sometimes the toy can get in the way, or pinch my skin if you are also using your fingers, it can cause only a small amount to come out,  while other times the toy makes the gap smaller allowing it to squirt out further and faster, so just be gentle, careful and cautious so we can all have a great and memorable time.

Is it involuntary or can you control it? 

For me, it is totally voluntary.  I have excellent pelvic floor and core muscles and 100% complete control over my ability to squirt. When I feel like enough stimulation of the glands has occurred and there is enough liquid built up, I can use my pelvic floor muscles and abdominal muscles to push it out when I am ready.

Can you do it on demand, how long does it take to happen?

Yes. It took a little while to get to that stage but now I can do it on demand.  It usually takes anywhere between 20seconds to a minute before I’m ready to squirt.  After the first gush,  subsequent “squirts/gushes” can come anywhere between another 10seconds to 1minute later.  I can usually keep squirting for around 5-10mins before needing a few minutes to recover and continue.  It’s fun to play with my toys, do a little toy-show, masturbate or give my partner pleasure in between squirting for him or her.

How many times can you do it? 

It really depends on my body and if I have been squirting much that day or not.  In a 30min booking where I have not squirted that day at all, it would be realistic to expect around 5-10 individual noticeable large gushes of squirted liquid along with a few smaller ones too in each “round of squirting”.

Is it guaranteed that you will squirt?

Yes, absolutely 100%.  If you have requested the toy/squirting service, and I have agreed to provide this for you,  I completely guarantee that squirting will be part of your service.  How and when this happens and at what stage/part of your service is totally negotiable.  You can give me a rough idea of how you would like things to unfold, but let me set the pace; Just go with the flow, or you can plan it all out before your service.

If I get you really turned on, can I make you squirt even if I haven’t asked/paid for that service?

No. If you want to have squirting in your service you need to request it and pay the associated rate.

How much do you squirt – Is there a lot? 

Yes, there ends up being quite a lot. It can get very messy and soaking wet.  I always need to lay down on a towel with some plastic sheeting underneath to prevent it from soaking through the sheets and through to the mattress.

If you are requesting this service with an outcall, I will always bring plastic sheeting and a towel with me to protect your linen and furniture.

Can you aim it/can you squirt on me?

Yes, this is totally possible.  It can be difficult to aim and shoot, but it is not impossible. The best way to achieve this is for me to lay on the edge of the bed with my legs hanging off the side and for you to sit or squat on the floor in between my legs.  You can also try with me  on the bed and you kneeling or laying with your head near to or in between my legs, although its easier for you to move towards where it goes when you are on the floor and I am on the edge of the bed.

What is included in the toy and squirting service? 

You can find out about my toy and squirting services in my services.  My Porn Star Experience also includes toys and squirting, or your can add Squirting with Toys to any service for an extra fee.