Seven Sexy & Sinful Reasons to Enjoy Sex Toys


Seven Sexy & Sinful Reasons to Enjoy Sex Toys

Here are 7 Reasons why you should think about including sex toys in your regular adult play time activities. Ask Natalie about her toys and squirting show, or what options are available for sex toy play in her porn stay experience.

  1. Sex toys can improve sexual confidence – Especially if there are medical conditions such as diabetes, spinal cord injuries or depression for men where it can be difficult to get or maintain an erection, and conditions such as menopause and depression/anxiety for a woman which can impact on sexual excitement and arousal. From cock rings to anal beads, vibrators and special lubricant applicators, sexy toys can help increase sexual awareness, and improve arousal at times when things are moving a little slower than expected.
  2. Sex toys can make vanilla sex seem kinky and taboo, help prolong foreplay and create a much more pleasurable climax for both persons, explore erogenous zones and get to know your partners’ pleasure spots. It’s a great way to safely spice up your bedroom sex life. Without too much effort. Remote controlled vibrators, the famous butterfly, even fluffy handcuffs, and blindfolds are all great accessories that can change things up and heighten your sexual experience.
  3. They can help you and your partner reach areas that might not be accessible with fingers or his penis. It is thought that every woman can squirt if they can be stimulated in the right area. Sex toys can offer the chance to really make things wet and slippery, By stimulating a certain area inside the vagina, a woman can squirt and this can be one of the sexiest and salacious foreplay activities that will literally have you both so wet, slippery and ready to go.
  4. They can be a great alternative to inviting a third person into your relationship, especially if jealousy is likely to be an issue. You can pleasure multiple sensual areas on your partner then you may not normally be able to reach or access all at once. Trying something new like including sex toys or games can help ignite that spark from earlier times.
  5. Sex toys are perfect for long distance relationships. Some sex toys can be operated via wifi or over the internet, so you can stimulate your partner and literally have cyber sex with them. And of course when you are away from your lover, they are the perfect addition to masturbation, the options are endless for self-stimulation. Why not surprise your long distance lover with matching sex toys you can literally stay connected while incorporating phone sex with your matching sex toys
  6. Sex toys are great for your health, Regular sexual arousal and release can help relieve stress and tension, and make you happier When you are sexually aroused your heart rate, blood circulation and the amount of oxygen your body is taking in increases. When your heart rate and blood circulation increases, your metabolism is affected in a positive way as well as increasing your fitness and overall wellbeing. Touch and massage are scientifically proven to increase health outcomes and improve wellbeing. When your skin is massaged and touched your lymphatic system can be positively affected, by increasing waste and toxin removal and helping good nutrients be moved around your body.
  7. Sex toys can help you explore new areas of pleasure with your partner. Anal stimulation, penetration and prostate massage can be amazingly pleasurable with the right person and with the right preparation. Some sex toys are designed to help make anal play more comfortable, While others provide the necessary equipment such as strap-ons and anal beads to pleasure your partner like they have never felt pleasure before.

Clients are encouraged to explore their sexual desires as much far as they are comfortable. Natalie has selected a few special sex toys available from her shop which you can purchase through If you can not have your purchases delivered to your address, you can ask Natalie about receiving them on your behalf and having them available for your next booking. Sex toys don’t have to be expensive, great options available for many different kinks and fetishes from as little as $5.00 and others suitable for a more generous budget.

Providing and Receiving Safe Adult Sexual Services 


Providing and Receiving Safe Adult Sexual Services 

Not a single day goes by where I don’t have at least one potential client asking me if I provide natural services. My reply is always “absolutely not”, “not ever, and not under any circumstanced”. I so do not understand why anyone would want unprotected sex or oral sex, and why so many young men are willing to take the risk for a few minutes of extra pleasure. Continue reading “Providing and Receiving Safe Adult Sexual Services “