Where can I leave a review?

Positive and constructive reviews and feedback are always welcome and appreciated. I strive to ensure all my clients are happy and satisfied and wanting to return. I always try to improve my services, explain my offerings and keep information as accurate and up to date as possible.  You can text or email reviews or contact me from my website . I reserve the right to publish any and all feedback received from clients and prospective clients and will remove or obscure any identifying information such as phone numbers, email addresses and names. in some cases, I may change the name of the person who left the feedback to protect their privacy.

What is included in your services?

You can view my service descriptions, service inclusions, and extras on my services page.

If what you are looking for is not listed it is still possible that I offer what you are looking for, but describe it differently, or have failed to mention it.

I don’t provide any unsafe, natural or illegal services.

Check out your state and/or local prostitution/adult services laws/legislation and regulations to ensure that you too are playing safe and legally.