Can I have a discount?

Probably not, but there are some exceptions.

I am more than happy to negotiate rates and inclusions when clients are spending a few hours (3+hrs), are making a custom overnight booking, or are spending $500+.

Regular clients who are consistently spending $300 or more in each booking may be in a position to negotiate rates or the addition of extras for future bookings. I class “Regular clients” as those that see me weekly or fortnightly on a consistent basis, such as every week for more than 6 weeks or each fortnight for 3 months or more. Any agreed discount or the inclusion of extras would be subject to the client maintaining a particular attendance schedule, with full rates being applicable if their attendance decreases in frequency.

Repeat clients are not necessarily regular clients.

I don’t accept requests for discounted rates in return for your ‘promise’ of becoming a regular client. Instead, I offer a great service for a fair rate and have many repeat and regular clients who pay full rate.

Not all requests for subsequent bookings are accepted.

Rates and inclusions may also be negotiated when booking individual and consecutive appointments for yourself and one or more friends. The full-service fee for all bookings would need to be paid at the commencement of the first appointment to receive any discounted rate.

Discounts for “first-time” visitors are not offered. First-time clients should consider upgrading their service or paying a tip at the beginning or at the end.

Seeing a call girl is a luxury, not a necessity. I don’t offer “student” discounts.

Rates that have been discounted are strictly cash only.

If a discount is requested and accepted, it is usually valid for that day only unless otherwise stated.

There is no room to discount services for “short time”, “standard” or “relaxation” services.