March 2018

Natalie Moore - 2018 March

March,  2018

A New Selfie Gallery for March 2018

“A little bit of Easter Inspiration of Pretty pinks, blues, and purples.  Its always fun to take a few new snaps, and this time was no exception.   I am really liking that pink, which is odd because I am not normally a huge fan of pretty girly colours like that, however, I think I am missing out, and need to look at adding some new sexy lingerie pieces – Pink ones!”

So this is a request that I often get, “photos of my feet”.  It always makes me smile when I get requests from clients like this.  Clients often think that their requests might seem strange or different, or they worry that I might think they are weird, but really most suggestions and requests are really quite common and easy to accommodate.  Yes, there are girls out there that are very vanilla (I like to use the word vanilla instead of plain, because vanilla is sometimes just what is needed and is just as enjoyable as some more exotic), but I don’t mind going a little left of centre, and into the world of safe and enjoyable kink and fetish.  So here is a short series of feet photos that I hope will satisfy those who enjoy this type of indulging”

“Just because taking selfies is fun, here are the rest of my March Selfies”


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